Setsuko Kamiya (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)

Sota Chu (Fukuoka Jogakuin Univ., Japan)

Shinya Mizojiri (Mejiro Univ., Japan)

Shin Mizukoshi (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)


We have been running a web-based project called “Radio5”, which practices creating and distributing original audio storytelling pieces. This experimental project is not simply exploring the potential of audio media as an alternative form of expression and communication; it is a pilot showcase to provide an online sphere for sound media education, targeting primarily Japanese university students who are less familiar with sound media.

Cyclical Learning Model with Expression and Reception (Yamauchi & Mizukoshi, 2000)

Cyclical Learning Model with Expression and Reception (Yamauchi & Mizukoshi, 2000)

Members of this project are also developing sound-oriented teaching methods to evaluate the potentials of such approaches. Through producing and distributing audio pieces and inviting the audience to participate in this process, we are designing a cyclical learning model that allows students to combine skills for critical listening and active creation. We also collaborate with other sound media creators whose works and activities contribute to students’ critical understanding and active creation of sound media.

Three cycles around Radio 5

Three cycles around Radio 5

Unlike conventional Japanese radio programs where the storyline of the shows are often scripted in advance, the voices, conversations and interviews we compile for Radio 5 are not scripted but edited under three different formats. This presentation will introduce our project and play a sample of one of our recent works, including a string of people’s voices discussing their daily lives during the Tokyo Olympics.

Radio 5 is also a sister project of 5: Designing Media Ecology, an independent, bilingual magazine exploring new formats of intellectual expression in the field of media and communications.

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